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Different anon weighing in here re: Moffat's son cast as young Sherlock. His son actually did audition for the role (which a quick Google search will prove); not that I'm excusing the nepotism, but when you consider Amanda Abbington, Mark Gatiss, Benedict's parents, etc, the show does have a pattern of using actors who have relationships/connections in real life. If you don't like the casting of a particular character, that's fair! But it seemed a bit cruel to call the previous anon "dumb."

I did not call the previous anon “dumb” so I don’t know where you’re getting that from. And why are you stating information I already know? I think it’s charming that most of the characters have real life relationships/connections. I’m just saying simply that I really disagree with the casting of Moffat’s son. And I’m not a huge fan of Stephen Moffat in general so that hits home a little bit more. Also, forgive me for thinking that nepotism plays a bigger role in the casting of a child actor than it does in the audition process of adults. But that’s a pretty easy thing to assume. 

I have my opinion. You have yours. 

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