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Adventure Time is so fucking weird and it makes me so happy. It keeps me just the right amount of confused that I laugh at absolutely everything and I love it. 

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I’ve been feeling so blah this past month and I can’t snap out of it. I just want to sleep all the time. Blahblahblah.

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too many dudes. i’m so sick of dudes. every time i see something with a dude in it i’m like ‘fuck you, i don’t want to watch this.’


my glorious roommate, as she spreads peanut butter on a saltine (via baby-fish-mouth)

Guys, look! I said this! This is something I said! People think I’m funny!

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Frick that noise! Just do almost-VEDA. Trust me, none of us will mind if you make, like, 24 videos instead of 30. That's still a net gain of a heck of a lot. I love it when you make videos. (although I don't want to pressure you about it, so if you legit don't want to then just don't, but I for one would enjoy it thoroughly)

Aw thanks! That’s really encouraging. I’ll think about it some more and maybe post what I have some time today. :)

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